The default Direct Marketing Effort interface in Blackbaud CRM does not allow you to tell which individual constituents have been captured in the marketing effort, unless you go to the trouble of exporting the effort and manually searching in Excel. It's useful to know who is in an effort, and good to ensure there are no uncontactable individuals, high-profile or sensitive individuals; who may fit the criteria for the effort, but should not be included.

There are a few other tricks, like display the number of constituents by package; or displaying the number of constituents who have fallen into each segment, regardless of the number of test segments added. Let me walk you through it!

User interface

Pack summary. This shows the number of people who will receive each package.

Number of constituents by constituent type. This is the real information. You can see the different types of lists I have created here. It's useful to just see how many people are in each list, which is why they are all collapsed by default, but you can also open each list up to see more detail.

The final tab allows you to search for individual constituents who have fallen into the effort. This is useful if a staff member needs to know if a specific supporter will receive an upcoming communication -- they can directly search for that person here. TODO: Image needs updating here